Sunday, January 18, 2015


Today i have a very fun post for you guys!So i thought id share a few of my favourites that i use on a daily basis.These are my daily bag essentials.Ive finally decided to throw out all the crumbled receipts and actually show whats really in my bag .My world resides in my bag,its like my best friend.I actually feel very uncomfortable and uneasy when i don't have bag hanging on my arm.I have to admit that there is nothing so interesting about the contents though.Although its always changing,Here's what i have been carrying around lately:

While I've been switching my bags regularly,this bag has been my favourite of all.This actually is my Moms Bag! I borrowed from her once and fell in love with how comfortable it is so I've never given it back to her! 
1. Notebooks: Ive been going to my classes so its a must for me to carry them.
2. Power Glasses: Sometimes i cannot see whats written in the board when i have to take notes. I Carry them just in case.
3. My Pencil Case: It includes all of the materials i need for my classes.
4. Planner: This contains all of my to do lists ,my journals,doodles and everything i did on a day-to-day basis.You'll find me scribbling ideas for upcoming blog posts.
5. Water Bottle: I don't know why i carry it with me. I don't usually finish the whole bottle within a day anyways. Hmm

6. Sunnies :Its  necessary! Its broken,I'm planning to buy a new one now. 
7. Gloves and Keys:I am not going too far away without my scooter keys! Leather Gloves for them    Cold Morning/Night Rides.
8. My phone and Charger:My phone is my essential. For some reason i always run out of battery even though i charge it all night, so i always carry a charger with me wherever i go.
9. Wallet : Another essential! 
10. Perfume: I  occasionally wear and repeat the same clothes so a perfume is a must! lols
11. Camera : Camera is a must for everyday shots! 
12. Makeup Bag: Contains my eyeliner,mascara,hair brush,hair bands,and some not so photogenic feminine products.
13. Wet Wipes : Extra Precaution to keep clean. 

What is the one embarrassing thing id find in your handbag ?


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