Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Warrior

The holidays are over but the cold isn't.This winter is quite confusing.It was so cold for some days and on top of that it rained too which made Ktm’s weather freezing cold.The wind gives me chill and makes me want to hide under the blanket until summer comes.
Since we will be dealing with this cold weather a little longer, i have put together a list of my winter essentials.Take a look at them below

This long cardigan has been the saviour when i need to go out in the day. Its perfect when i don't want/need to put on heavy jackets! It can also be worn inside a long coat!

Investing in a black trousers/pants will be very beneficial. It goes with everything and anything.
Ive been loving wearing this knit sweater outside of a long tee.Because its elbow length, i can put a coat on and still not feel trapped. 

Coats and sneakers?  Feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. 

Found this new and easy way to wrap a scarf around. Love it! Learn it here!

Its never a waste of money to buy a down jacket! If you don't know what to wear to keep you warm ,wear a down jacket! it can be worn with anything although i am not sure if it can be worn with a dress.Hmm..I'm in love with bright colors this season! I always carry this everywhere i go. You never know when it gets too cold! 

When buying a high neck, Go with a neutral color! It will match with everything! 

Am i in love with Oversized Cardigans? YES! 

I'm happy with how this photo turned out to be! 

Ran out of stuffss to wear? Borrow your Man's clothes! You never know how good you can look with it!  

I have no idea what these kind of boots are called! Running boots? But they are super comfortable and stylish although mines a bit dirty ;) 
Warm Winter Boots! 
"Mero jutta ho Nepali"
"My shoe is Nepali" I have to agree that this is the  most Comfortable and reliable shoes ive ever come across.

Lots and Lots of happiness sending your way!

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